Northwest Resiliency Park Pavilion
Hoboken, NJ

Hoboken’s new Resiliency Park, scheduled to be complete in 2021, will be the largest public park in the city of Hoboken. Designed not only for enjoyment by the public, the park will also capture more than one million gallons of stormwater, a critical strategy for a city located precariously close to sea level.

Hoboken’s largest park will be a fundamental part of the city’s resiliency strategy by integrating architecture, green infrastructure and innovative stormwater management measures to mitigate flooding from rainfall events.

The pavilion’s two granite-clad volumes will house amenity spaces and community facilities beneath a large canopy made of perforated corrugated stainless steel. This material provides a subtle play of light effects when viewed from different angles. The design of the pavilion offers users a flexible framework for individual and community activities, quite literally a structure on which to hang versatile features including a screen for outdoor movies, swings, and hanging gardens.

Northwest Resiliency Park Pavilion
Status: Under Construction
Location: Hoboken, NJ
Program: Public park pavilion including cafe, community room, and shaded outdoor space.
Completion: 2020

Design Team: Credits: Eric Bunge, Mimi Hoang (Principals); Thomas Heltzel (Associate, Project Manager), David Mora, Matthew Sikora, Michelle Lin, Sarah Bernard, Joric Barber.

Collaborators: Project Lead: E&LP; Landscape/Civil Engineer: OLIN; Structural Engineer: Silman; MEP Engineer: OLA Consulting Engineers; Lighting Designer: Lumen Architecture, PLLC; Graphic Design: MTWTF; Traffic Consultant: GTS Consulting; Cost Estimator: Ellana Inc.