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The Wynwood Co-Living building is a 725 bed co-living building in Miami designed by nARCHITECTS in collaboration with executive architect Corwil Architects for the London-based co-living developer The Collective. In the Fall of 2021, The Collective filed for bankruptcy, and the project – which was at 90 percent construction documentation, had received approvals and most of its entitlement, and was poised to begin construction – now has an uncertain future.

Wynwood’s physical context – gritty, post-industrial, and characterized by long, low, and largely opaque buildings – is on the verge of significant change: it will soon become a mix of big, urban, new buildings and rehabilitated old ones. The design of the 360,000-square-foot 12-story building responds to these simultaneous and changing realities: we broke up the massing with volumes that shift at horizontal datums, and introduced gaps – “Crevasses” – that create porous connections to the neighborhood. The liveliness of the building is directly related to and inspired by the colorful and energetic urban surfaces of Wynwood and the emerging urbanism defined by “Paseos,” porous connections that invite the public to explore intimate and exciting spaces deep within the site. The “Canyon” – a new urban void that can be experienced by passersby who walk through the paseo – extends this reinterpretation of the courtyard type vertically, creating an unprecedented connection between the public realm and the inner life of this co-living building.

On a social level, the building is like a fractal. Social spaces range from the intimate to the large: shared by a small cluster of units, a floor, a neighborhood within the building, the building as a whole, and ultimately the general public.

Client: The Collective Wynwood

Location: Wynwood, Miami, FL

Status: Construction documentation (project cancelled)

Dates: 2018 – 2021

Sq Footage: 360,000sf

Program: Co-living, mixed-use building with 725 beds within 180 residential units and 70 lodging units; shared workspace, shared dining, games rooms, library, wellness center and pool, underground parking garage, and other amenities

Design Team: Eric Bunge, Mimi Hoang | Suemin Jeon, Isabel Sarasa | Zachary Weimer, Maria Diego, Gogo Zhu

Collaborators: Architect of Record: Corwil Architects