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From a distance, Double Ex House has the simple iconic profile and material quality of a barn. As one approaches, however, a dominant sculptural feature becomes apparent: in a contemporary twist on a familiar type, exterior stepped voids travel diagonally up the long sides of the house, meeting in a single space at the top. This continuous zone is still covered by a roof, as if it had been carved out from a monolithic volume. Appearing to float, the very large eave shades and protects a unique shaded multipurpose exterior space. Cedar decks beneath it extend from the interiors of each of the house’s two levels, culminating in a covered “attic-deck” on the third floor.


A series of large operable windows on the long facades, glazed terrace doors, and large fixed glass panels leading onto the semi-exterior terraced spaces provide dramatic and continuous connections with the outdoors. Clerestory glazing in the master bedroom and various other spatial conditions result in a simple house with a wide range of experiences, light conditions, and moods.


Double Ex House is designed with varying construction practices and available resources in mind, maintaining design integrity while accommodating adaption by the owner with multiple cladding options, allowing for a wide variety of unique outcomes.

Client: Hometta, Inc
Location: Anywhere, USA
Status: Construction documentation
Dates: 2010
Sq Footage: 2,500sf
Program: Single-family home

Design Team: Eric Bunge, Mimi Hoang | Christopher Grabow, Seung Teak Lee, Julia Chapman, Ammr Vandal