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In this installation design, a 145-foot-long table meandered through The Drawing Center’s gallery, displaying 70 of Frederick Kiesler’s drawings and one notebook in a loop. The walls of the gallery were left blank – for the first time in The Drawing Center’s history. Visitors were guided along a curatorial itinerary divided into four themes relevant to the avant-garde architect’s work: Correalism, Perception, Endless Architecture, and Exhibition Design. Along the way, they faced each other from varying distances across an inaccessible void in the center of the gallery.

Larger drawings were displayed on tilted panels, generating surprise and causing visitors to adjust their viewpoints. Endless Table was fabricated with powder-coated CNC-milled aluminum, acrylic, and medium-density fiberboard, and was assembled in two days. The V-shaped aluminum table legs were designed to both support the table and structurally join together its 21 reconfigurable modules.

For the first time in the history of the gallery, the walls were left blank.

Client: The Drawing Center
Location: The Drawing Center, New York
Status: Completed
Dates: 2007 – 2008
Sq Footage:  145 ft table
Program: Exhibition of Frederick Kiesler Drawings
Environmental:  Re-usable modular display system

Design Team: Eric Bunge, Mimi Hoang | Alice Wong | Dominique Gonfard

Collaborators: Veyko Fabrication

Photography: Frank Oudeman