Ply Loft
New York, NY

In response to the familiar New York predicament of too much program / too little room, a sinuous surface of bendable plywood negotiates existing columns and unifies various spaces. In contrast to the dense programming on the inside, the outside ply surface is rendered mute. Flush sliding doors of the same ply material function as dimmers for concealed light fixtures in the door jambs: opening and closing the doors modulates the light intensity. A wall of sliding screens in front of the south facing windows controls daylight and allow the artist clients to project their video and photography  work out to the street.

Ply Loft
Client : Ursula Endlicher + Lee Day
Project Location : New York, NY
Status : 2005
Area : 1,000 sf
Program : Artist’s Live/Work space
nARCHITECTS Team : Eric Bunge, Mimi Hoang (Principals); Jorge Pereira, Takuya Shinoda, Sebastian Potz, Sam Dufaux
Collaborators : Structure: Robert Silman Assoc.; MEP: Irwin Associates