Frank Oudeman
Periscope House
Brooklyn, NY

A substantially transformed addition and renovation to a four-story brownstone in Brooklyn Park Slope provides special connections to a multi-level series of intimate gardens, conceived of as a series of outdoor rooms.

A new stair leads up to a green roof with fantastic views of Manhattan. The stair rises through a copper-clad bulkhead that filters western light down into the house. A 45 degree mirror turns the bulkhead into a Periscope, providing uncanny views of the skyline when one looks straight up, and an unearthly vertical light within the house during sunset.

Sedum and tall grasses create a wild, expansive landscape above the house, in contrast to the manicured, intimate garden below. A smaller second floor terrace overlooking the garden is enclosed by colored glass panels and illuminated by LED lights embedded in IPE decking.

Within the house, a series of features such as a secret library passage connecting the girls’ bedrooms, enliven the stately Park Slope brownstone with intimate and contemporary transformations.

Periscope House
Client : Edward and Suzy Wilson
Project Location : Brooklyn, NY
Status : 2007 – 2010
Area : 5,000 sf
Program : House renovation & addition + green roof
Sustainability : One of the first green roofs in Park Slope.
nARCHITECTS Team : Eric Bunge, Mimi Hoang (Principals); Daniela Zimmer, Jonathan Enns Julia Chapman.
Collaborators : Structure: Robert Silman Associates; MEP: Nino d’Antonio Engineers; Green Roof: Future Green Studio; Architect of Record, Phase 1 (2003-04): Didonno Associates
Image Credit: Frank Oudeman