Buildings and Almost Buildings

Made possible in part through a grant from the Graham Foundation, the new book by Eric Bunge and Mimi Hoang explores the work of nARCHITECTS as a single project—an anti-monograph with a subtle manifesto about the open-ended, incomplete, and ambiguous in architecture.


Is architecture inherently complete? Or is it a state of incompletion and seeming inadequacy that incites us to imagine architecture as an armature for an ever-changing daily life? Structured around a variety of modes of representation specially prepared for the book, Buildings and Almost Buildings reveals the ways in which the celebrated New York office led by Eric Bunge and Mimi Hoang addresses contemporary issues of a world in flux. Across a range of buildings, public spaces, and ephemeral installations, nARCHITECTS argues for the formal and social potential of an architecture that remains somehow incomplete and ambiguously perceived—or in the authors’ words, Almost Buildings.